VR JAV Categories

Whether you are streaming VR JAV primed videos or the plain 360 degree videos, the best platform for Android destination is JAVvr.net. This is the platform that provides you VR Japanese Adult Movies for your best streaming experience. It gives you the easy ways to stream either types of videos with your VR headset. Upon successful loading of the 360 degree VR Videos on your device, you can simply tab on the play button and you can easily enjoy viewing the movie or the video easily on your device. The headset will split the images into two parts which are identical frames and when you place the phone into the VR viewer the images will merge together for offering the seamless viewing. Now you can really enjoy the show and ensure to look around in order to enjoy every angle without missing the optimal sights from behind you.

YouTube has been regularly working on this type of videos and they are updating the playlists of 360 and VR videos for the users. Officially there are about 23 prime examples of the VR slips and content and you can make use of any of these prime and enjoy watching them either online or after downloading it on your device. However, YouTube is the platform which has over hundreds of registered 360 degree videos and movies. You will find travel videos, stunt feats, first person sports, video game trailers, animated shorts, music videos and lot many video content of 360 degree. If you want to start viewing the 360 degree videos from ground level it is suggested that you must start from here.

The interesting fact about the YouTube video is that even the flat videos can be viewed easily via your cardboard VR headset. But it would offer the experience of 2D videos. But, this type of video has no cardboard option and it automatically displays on the primary UI and all you need to do is to tap a little on the vertical ellipsis available on the upper right so as to find the option of cardboard. Google has also recently announced the support for the embedded of the VR experience on the online world. So, you may also try out for some option online and enjoy it on the cardboard viewer or watch something without missing the mobile browser.